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Why choose the Olive Tree?

Across the state of New Jersey, facing a devastating economy, music schools are closing left and right. We can name a dozen and perhaps you can too. Meanwhile, the Olive Tree Music Academy which opened three years ago right in the middle of the economic downturn, is consistently growing at a very impressive rate. Already we have expanded to four locations spread across Northern NJ. So what makes us different?

Need more reasons?
  • Growing

    After just three years in business, we’ve sunk our roots into four convenient locations across northern NJ. We’re excited about what this new year brings! We owe a lot of thanks to the support of some awesome students, but we’ve also got to take some credit. We think we provide a pretty amazing product.

  • Community

    All of our locations are warm and inviting, as well as clean and current. We’re so excited for the way our studios are swiftly becoming a community center for the arts. We take great pride in high school students coming with a friend to their lessons because this is a cool place to be. We […]

  • Easily Green

    Our customers love the ease of billing. Rather than trying to remember your check book, if like most you’d prefer our auto-debit method, you’ll never have to think about your tuition payments again. We are an entirely paperless company, doing all of our billing and scheduling online, complete with login access to all our staff […]

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