Learn To Play an Instrument

Summer has always been a great time to chip away at a new skill. You can even enjoy practicing most instruments while enjoying the beautiful summer weather. But you dont have to do it alone. Get help from a highly qualified teacher who can even help you while you’re on summer vacation, via Zoom. Trial lessons are free.

Learn from Home via Zoom! We’ve been doing lessons this way since long before the pandemic! Now you can learn with us from anywhere!

About Our School

The Olive Tree Music Academy is celebrating 13 years of providing excellent private lessons. Private music lessons are not an excuse to get people in the door so that they can buy more merchandise. Music education is literally all we sell. We offer incentives – something to work towards – if you don’t already have a goal of your own. Recitals are held twice annually. You are welcome here if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced on your instrument of choice. We teach all ages. For instance, we start violin as young as 3.5 years old. Several of our students are retired adults. We offer straightforward and easy billing and scheduling, all online. Most importantly, we tailor your learning experience to your learning goals, and we push you or your child to their greatest potential in a way that challenges and inspires. Call to set up your free trial today.

Piano Lessons

Our most popular instrument, the piano is a great foundation for music education. Sadly it is also the instrument we hear mentioned the most by adults who “used to” play an instrument. We have a passion to change this by making lessons more exciting than just the reward of turning the page.

Other string instruments

Violin, viola, cello, and upright bass are the heart of the orchestra. Our highly qualified string instructors can help you work toward getting you into and helping you excel in a local orchestra. We also teach other string instruments like ukulele and mandolin.

Our Teacher


14 Years in Business

Meet the Owners

Owners Trish and Andy Gruswitz run the Olive Tree Music Academy with the help of their awesome little team, grown by two since this article in our local magazine.