I am a parent, maybe like you, cherishing the moments that my kids are still young and obsessing over making the right decisions for them while I still have some say.    Our plan is for them to become young adults who succeed at everything- math, language, science, arts, social skills, teamwork, emotional handling, self-esteem, discipline, drive, and on and on. How do we help make all that happen? Dare I say… music lessons!

I know from the hundreds of students I’ve watched grow and through my own personal experiences that studying music can dramatically affect the path a person chooses in all parts of life. A child taking music lessons develops self-discipline and drive with a practice regimen and short and long-term goals. Adding private lessons on top of school lessons turns your child’s favorite class into the place where they are the star student, encouraging confidence that spreads into everything they do. Hard work turns into acceptance in state and regional ensembles – an ideal way to spend after-school time. Plus, when my kids reach the age when their friends have a bigger influence than I do, I will be grateful that they are in the company of other music kids, stereotyped to have all the qualities I listed above. College acceptances and scholarships soon follow. A whopping 66% of music majors who apply to medical school are admitted – the highest percentage of any group – surpassing even pre-med and science. Musical kids frequently amaze us.

Thank you for being the parent in the audience tonight. You already know all of the invaluable benefits of music. You are raising doctors, writers, scholars, composers, performers, and presidents, for which we music professionals are grateful to take a meaningful part in.

Tricia Gruswitz is the strings and piano teacher and owner of the Olive Tree Music Studio in Andover, as well as a violist in the New Sussex Symphony. She has over ten years of experience in developing musician’s confidence, and challenging them to reach and achieve high goals in music and life. Trish and her network of music educators are happily accepting new students. Contact her at tricia@olivetreemusicstudio.com

Taken from Olive Tree Music Studio’s advertisement in the New Sussex Synphony’s program.